[No longer] a scaredy cat…


So I’ve finally done it. I’ve made it onto blogsphere and started (yet another) blog. My hands are shaking as I write this, because this experience is all too familiar to me. I did the whole blog thing at nineteen, writing about nothings and everythings and feeling very Carrie Bradshaw (sans the sexual stuff) about it. I told NO ONE about that blog. People just sort of found out about it. Not a lot of people though, as I made sure NOT to advertise the fact that I was putting words/ramblings/sad emo poetry about love and hurt and heartbreak (WELP!) out there for the world to read. Despite my craziness, I am quite the shy individual, I tell you.*


I have, however, decided to change that this time around. I can hear you thinking that something as simple as starting a blog is not ground breaking, not new, not spectacular, so the melodramatic title is overkill. But if, like me, you fall prey to that horrible trait called second guessingthen my melodrama will make sense to you.


The phrases I cant’ and what if’ are a regular in my vocabulary. These insecurities have, over the years, become very well refined and masked beneath my apparently aloof and dorky personality, because really, it’s better for you to poke fun at yourself than have others do so. And that arrangement seemed to work until one wintry Monday in February when I decided I wanted to do something other than go to work and watch re runs of Charmed (it was Gilmore Girls at one point, then One Tree Hill… I have a thing for nostalgia, sue me). I wanted to do something that made me happy. To try my hand at something and see how far I could go with it. I wanted to start something- no matter how unimportant or uninteresting, and I wanted to be brave enough to let the world know about it.


And thus, The Psychedelic Creative was born! Of course procrastination, more self doubt and over thinking almost made me chicken out of this venture, but something about the hot shower I had this evening made me feel like Batgirl and here I am, writing my first post about valiant cats and insecurities, without even introducing myself. What will this blog be about, you ask? Well, my dear friends, it will be a smorgasbord of everything that makes life go on. From the most banal of topics, to DIYs, to cartoon characters (or maybe movie protagonists as I am apparently no longer sixteen), to conversations about faith, love, and all that good good. This is just a platform for discussion, guys. Nothing too serious (it may be a bit so from time to time though), just an opportunity to find out how the other lives and thinks.


I really look forward to having fun with you guys, and hope this resonates with someone somewhere!

Until next time (which is hopefully sooner than later),


Sidebar: I would write a mini introduction about my fabulous self and designer lifestyle of envy, but this is already very word heavy, and I tend to go on a wee bit. So you’ll just have to come back!

* Those who know me may beg to differ about the shyness, but I am!!!!


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