Allow me to introduce myself…

Do not be alarmed, but I am going to interview myself. I imagine this is how a normal conversation between Myself and I would go, if I was you know, actually that odd.

Well, here goes:

You are?

Bond. The name’s James Bond.  The name is Seyi (Shay-ee). Though I’ve been asked if I could be called Sean instead. I didn’t know whether to be offended that I was being inadvertently told I needed a sex change, or just smile and go along with the joke. I guess you could call me Sean if you wanted to as well, except I probably will forget that I said you could and not respond to it. I would definitely respond to James Bond though.

I honestly do not know what else to say about myself other than that I eat an awful lot in the weeks to my lady time and this distresses me very much. Because five slices of toast will do some damage to my finely sculpted one pack, and we cannot have that.

Oh, and I like cats. I think I like them more theoretically than realistically however. They are just too haughty for my liking sometimes.

Okay, great, err.. thanks for that. In….teresting bits of information there… 

Well thanks. I mean, every one has to be warned about the damaging properties of bread, right? I do my bit for the community.

I guess you could say that. SO. The Psychedelic Creative. Big word, ‘psychedelic’. What do we have here?

I know! It is rather long isn’t it? I do apologise. Err… I’ve always been drawn to the word. My art teacher in secondary school used to wear the wackiest of clothes (think orange tights, mismatched shoes and funny floral prints), and  I remember learning the word [psychedelic] sometime later in English and immediately thinking of said teacher. She inspired my love for colour and wackiness, I’d say.

So yeah… I was journalling one day, thinking about possible blog themes, names, content and the like, and [The Psychedelic Creative] just came to me. I really cannot say I thought it carefully or whatever. I was just thinking about how my passions and talents are all very scattered and varied, and the word ‘psychedelic’ just explained my creativity, I guess?

(It would have either been that or something silly like ‘The crazy lady’s blog’ which is really what TPC is in more fancy writing. So meeh.)

You’re completely bonkers, I must say. What is to be expected on TPC from now?

Thanks for the compliment. I get that all the time! Basically, the vision for TPC is to spark conversation amongst young adults. To facilitate conversations of topics without providing a definite answer or outlining ‘Ten Ways to Know He’s The One’, but to ask questions and (hopefully) get people talking about topics that are sometimes, not so often spoken about publicly, especially by us ‘Jesus Folk’*(Yes, I am one of those, we can be crazy cat ladies too!).

Additionally, expect DIYs (fingers crossed), fictional writing (i’m trying my hand at everything this time huh?), showcasing cool people and places and much more wacky stuff. Hopefully. By  God’s grace!

Wow. That is a lot of stuff to be getting on with, eh? No full time job?

Lol. I know. But there’s that little ol’ scripture about ALL things being possible with the help from the Big Guy, so I reckon we’re okay. And the full time job is the reason TPC was founded, actually. I was constantly creating scenarios in my head whilst at work and I figured there would be no harm in putting these on the internet!

Fair enough! Well, thank you for your time and good luck with it all! Sounds exciting, and totally rooting for you!

Thank you so much, it means a lot!

(I know this is weird/ creepy, but I had so much fun adopting two personas to write this!)

Until next time guys,


* I know we’re called all sorts of other names. Bible Bashers, Holy People, Happy Clappers?…. Yeah. I be’s one of those.



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