Consistency, shmonsistency…


So here I am, dreadful Sunday afternoon that it is here in London, hurriedly navigating the structured chaos that is the London Underground (with ease, might I add – this has not always been the case mind), when I come across a stationery shop. Instinctively I walk in, because hey, who ever passes up the chance for new stationery?

I walk in excitedly, because shops full of notebooks and pens really make me giddy, defeatedly accepting that I will purchase YET another notebook (welcome home, my little ruled floral friend) , when I remember my journal. My lovely journal, which I vowed to write in daily, is well, lying on my bedroom floor, its pages waiting expectantly for tales of my fabulous life of… Err… Fabulousity, of course, with a last incoherent “OHMYGOD I’M A PHARMACIST” scrawled across a page sometime last week.

Such creative journalling, non?

Sometime during this quick realisation that I was a) scarily obsessed with paper goods and b) not journalling as I promised to at the start of the year, I remember yet another project I have left at a standstill. The BLOG!

I cannot even begin to explain this hiatus. Originally, it was necessary to you know, pass my exam (I did! I passed it guys, it still doesn’t feel real that my days of nighttime studying are behind me, hello nighttime couch potato-ing!), then that was over, and I said I was “resting”, but honestly? I was just being lazy and inconsistent.  With everything.

So, before I continue rambling, this is me bidding farewell to inconsistency, and saying HELLO, HOPE YOU HAVEN’T FORGOTTEN I EXIST, I’m still here, with more tales of cats and stuff for you, please give me another chance at redemption! *falls melodramatically at feet of virtual audience*

Yeah. So truce? I promise I will be better. Got a short story on its way, so see you in the next post!


Miss NoLongerALazyCat


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