“It is I, Darth Vader…”

Bonjour, Je m’appelle…

Hello, I love cats.

I’ve read on numerous blogs that an About me section is vital to the success of one’s blog, but I must say this is one of the hardest things I think I’ve ever had to do (to tell you, the woman I love, that I’m having a baby by…).


Okay, so hi. Seyi (is the name of the wide eyed crazy in that photo). Twenty three, but feel sixteen most times. Living life blissfully awkward, but I try to clean up nice for church on Sundays (You  DO NOT want to see the atrocities I don during the work week). Currently training to become a pharmacist and frankly, quite bored of it. So I decided to start a blog. I really hope y’all are ready for this… err… jelly. This blog jelly.

The end.

Oh, and, here’s a box where you can tell me stuff. Interesting stuff, nice stuff, stuff stuff? I like stuff, and people. So feel free to leave a message. Just don’t be creepy, ‘kay? Thanks!



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